Sometimes it can be difficult to know who can help us with our problems. the following artcile seems to exapling this very well Who Should I see





20 Utterly Profound Winnie-the-Pooh Quotes To Make You Smile

winnie the pooh

Interesting perspective on ‘when is the right time’ to seek therapy

Something on a lighter side with approaching Halloween, yet somewhat poignant reflection of how our life situations or life choices can make us feel.
Complex emotions

Empathy trap, an interesting article on how to balance caring for others and yourself, so you don’t fall into empathy trap (sacrificing your needs and wishes)

Inside Out movie, what a great way to explain to kids and adults alike how feelings and memories make us who we are….simple but amazing…

For a bit of laugh…(disclaimer: everything in moderation of course) 10 bad habits that can be sometimes good for you….

New research in CFS/ME looks at physiological correlates for exhaustion.

Immune clue to preventing schizophrenia  Mental health and physical health are not so dissimilar, so why does mental health still attracts such a terrible stigma….

Hello all,
As the Christmas approaches I can’t help but reflect on this time of the year. For many people this is the time of joy and happiness, spending time with family and friends. Yet there are people amongst us for whom this time brings little joy as they might be alone or it might remind them of painful events in their lives.
If you are one of the people who experience sadness over Christmas holidays try to look after yourself over this difficult time. Maybe go out for a walk, watch a favourite movie or listen to your favourite music, stay in touch with people if possible.